Hip Hop reflection #3

Nas’s “One Love” remains one of the most poignant and haunting tracks ever. It’s sibling “We Will Survive” from I Am… is almost its equivalent, but such raw emotion as he laced over Q-Tip’s production is hard to match.

always coming back home to you

I haven’t blogged in a while, and my downtime needs to be dedicated to reading copious amounts of YA lit unapologetically. Yes, in part it’s for my job, but it’s also to explore a sector of literature I’ve always loved. 

And also, you know… read more, write more!

The purpose of this blog is to express pure joy at a piece I just wrote. One of my favorite professors of all time asked me to write a recommendation letter for her, and I said yes without even thinking about it. What I intended to be a work simple praise became something that needed pairing down so as to not seem a work of idolatry. Okay, that might be an exaggeration. But the fact that writing it came so easily, and that I could easily quadruple its current length with anecdotes and extensions is what made the process truly resonate with me. The impact of educators can be massive, no matter the course it takes. 

And so, because I’ve been writing for hours, I’ll be brief. But I will say this. I’ll be doing reading in my limited down time for work and for myself. For work because these kids at my current school are voracious readers, and I want to be genuine and sanguine in my recommendations. For myself because I need to be reading more if I ever hope to finish these novels. For work and myself because I want to be lasting, in the set possible way. 


…and suddenly, you’re not only are you not the youngest, but not even close to it. And everyone makes you aware of it. 

And it doesn’t matter. At all. :)

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P.O.S. - Dear Boy

All the love in the world. 

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An EXCELLENT argument against word count being the only valid indicator of vocabulary. 

sometimes you have to poem yourself out of it

the professor fails the student
the music fails the movement
lack of purpose fails the motivating impetus to do it
the flailing leads to drowning when the treading was an arm’s reach
deaf ears fall to the coaxing whisper of the charm-speak
a pendulum in motion sways the way the weight will drag it
today it just gives in out of habit
if the there is no rhyme or reason, then the WHY? committed treason
if the words just follow suit, they only ring a hollow tune
and nothing in them’s hallowed
and their ocean gleam is shallow
and they’re left as littered shells, brittle 
baiting their own shatter 
just the same a hammer or a rain drop or a wind gust
demise met with no disgust
just dust

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Gaslight Anthem “Went Off the Deep End” on Experimental New Album, Says Brian Fallon



The Gaslight Anthem's fifth album, Get Hurt, arrives on August 19. But don’t expect the folk- and punk-tinged anthems of their prior efforts.

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Totally good with this. Seriously. Bring it on. :) -gg

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New Poster Posse by Blurppy on Guardians of the Galaxy ! Check my selection here.


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